Ceramic Fiber Board

Product Description

Being prominent ceramic fiber products producer and exporter in India, we are using refractory fibers and binders for producing our Ceramic fiber board.

Ceramic Fiber Board is made of ceramic bulk fiber with special formulated binder and produced by vacuum formed technology. The board has excellent toughness and intensity, and excellent erosion resistance, it is available in a wide variety of thickness, widths and densities.


Product Specifications :

  • The ceramic fiber board manufactured by us having excellent mechanical strength and low heat storage, organic content.
  • Our ceramic fiber board are durable and functional suitable with your innovative design.

  • Our products had low thermal conductivity to work at different temperature conditions effectively.

Temperature° CDensity
Loss on
Ignition (%)
1050°C 300-370 22-24 71-73 - 5-8
1260°C 320-380 45-48 52-55 - 4-7
1425°C 320-380 35-37 47-49 14-18 4-7


Technical Descriptions

Technical Index

Temperature° CCompressive Strength
10% deform Kg/Cm2
Compressive Strength
25% deform Kg/Cm2
Strength Kg/Cm2
Shrinkage % 24 hrs.
1050°C 2.8 Min. 4.5 Min. 10 Min. 2.5 Max. At 1000°C
1260°C 2.8 Min. 4.5 Min. 15 Min. 3.5 Max. At 1200°C
1425°C 2.8 Min. 4.5 Min. 15 Min. 3.5 Max. At 1400°C
  • Other sizes available on special order.
  • All data represents typical results of standard tests conducted under controlled conditions. As such, the information is intended only as a general guide for specifications and design estimates.