Building Roll

BUILDING ROLL is made out of molten rocks spun fibres bonded with thermosetting binder forming flexible and long Rock wool rolls.  BUILDING ROLL together with its outstanding thermal- acoustical properties and high load-bearing strength is an optimal insulation solution for flat, inclined and shaded roofs of corrugated metal, reinforced concrete or timber.

The development of  BUILDING ROLL is based on the exclusive requirements of insulation of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Large Sheds, and Pre-fabricated houses.

Product Specifications :

IS: 8183: 1993, ASTM C 612

  • Length: 5 M & 10 M
  • Width: 1.2 M
  • Thickness: 50,75 &100 mm
  • Density: 48 to 64 kg/m^3
  • Facing: Aluminium Foil (FSK)
  • Standard Packing: HDPE Covers

* Any information contained in this datasheet describes the product properties applicable as at the time of issue. With respect to continuous development of these materials, changes to their properties may take place from time to time.

Technical Parameters