Sectional Pipe Rock Wool Insulation

Sectional Pipe Rock Wool Insulation

Pre-formed Rock wool sectional pipe insulation is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock & recycled products into fine wool like fibres. They are in cylindrical shape and are supplied in split and hinged for easy snap-on assembly. Preformed Sectional Pipes are used over a wide temperature range for Hot and Cold air, Water, Steam and Oil Pipelines.

Pre-formed Rock wool sectional pipe insulations are highly applicable for industrial Steam and Process Pipe Lines in Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, and Power Plants etc. It also has the versatility to be used in heating and ventilating or other non industrial applications.

Product Specifications :

IS 9842:19994, ASTM C 547

  • Length of the pipe: 1000mm or 1m
  • Nominal Bore s: 21.3 mm to 406.4 mm (1/2” to 24”)
  • Thickness: 25mm to 100mm
  • Density: 144 TO 250 KG/M^3
  • Facing: With & Without Aaluminum foil (FSK)
  • Standard Packing: 5 Ply Corrugated Boxes

* Any information contained in this datasheet describes the product properties applicable as at the time of issue. With respect to continuous development of these materials, changes to their properties may take place from time to time.

Technical Parameters